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Easy Peasy create your Website

     Can I create a website for free?!
Are you a tattoo artist or cosmetologist, a specialist in your field, a realtor, or do you have your own store but still don't have a website?
What if your website changes your business?
This is a platform for presenting your services, placing goods for advertising visually, this is an additional platform that will definitely increase your income if you do everything right.

     Now there are many services that can help you create a website yourself, and even absolutely free. A large online store with many functions, a marketplace or separate promo pages for each of the services.

Here are my personal TOP-5 TIPS  for building websites on your own:

1.  - ideal for any business  and any direction.
There are ready-made templates that are easy to customize, there is a product catalog, shopping cart and other features to keep visitors on the website, increase conversion. And you can also set up a payment system, by  credit cards and paypal (which is not unimportant).

2. is more suitable for selling goods all over the world. It is easy to create a simple store, customize the export of goods. “Set up your Ecwid store once to sync and sell easily on website, social media, marketplaces like Amazon, and live.”

3. - allows you to create lightweight sites in a minimalist design. Suitable for creative people and a small store with unique products.

4. is a set of templates that you can customize for yourself, for almost any direction of ​​business.

5.  is ideal if you need to create a business card page, presentation or project description easily and quickly.